I Know A Guy... / by Todd Johnson

We had found the perfect spot to shoot a Cub Cadet utility vehicle. The scene was to have the utility vehicle prominently positioned in the foreground with a couple of fly fishermen fishing in the background. Everything was perfect… almost.

From the camera position needed to give the vehicle the hero stature required, we could just barely see the water of the river. On top of that, in order for the fisherman to actually stand in the right place for the composition, they were completely out of the water.

As we discussed our options with the art director for the shot, one of the crew that was a local said, “if you need more water, I know a guy.”

As luck would have it, the guy he knew was in charge of the dam upstream from where we were. With one phone call the flood gates opened and the river began to rise.

Sometimes a little luck is all the difference between a good photograph and a great one!